Who Are We

The Beginnings

More than 70% of Indians use their vernacular languages for daily communication. There is a massive barrier to digital inclusion in India. However, 95% of the apps and digital space are controlled by English language apps in a diverse country like India. Anant Computing is the first mobile technology platform, 100% Made In India. We aim at the empowerment of the next generation of native mobile applications. Team Anant has a vision of a digitally inclusive India, where mobile applications can be developed using Indian languages and accessed by any mobile user without any language barrier. We aim to empower companies and developers to overcome the barriers in the traditional app development process. In a growing market like India, our technology allows the users to create apps in every Indian language- and guarantees language rendering on any device/operating system. With our robust vernacular keyboards for every Indian language, the users can communicate in any language they are comfortable with.

Our Founder

Our founder Mr Phani Bhushan believes the digital divide in India is more harmful than the economic divide in this country. He is an entrepreneur with a mission of "Giving equal opportunity to every Indian by eliminating the language barrier by bridging the digital divide between English and non-English speaking individuals.” Sports is something that comes naturally to our founder. He is most passionate about football. He believes digital revolution is possible even without complete economic transformation or makeover of the masses. We at Anant Computing believe that change must be into the existing ecosystem only by upgrading the technology that runs our apps. With Anant Computing Platform, he aims to bridge the language divide in computing and will include every Indian in the digital revolution.

Our Team