Rapidly Code Mobile Apps In Any Language

When you understand what you code, it becomes easy. To bring the next Billion Indians online, the power of coding should be brought to one and all.  No longer you need to be envious of the fellow English App Developers. Whatever is your starting point – a beginner in coding wanting to see your app on Playstore or a Professional wanting to code in your native language – LICO provides you with the tools, frameworks, process, and flexibility to make what you want today and launch your app on Playstore.


Pro Coding In Your Native Langauge

Those who are familiar with coding but find it hard to code in English, here’s your power to code with ease. Choose your mother tongue to code.
Now coding does not require you to push yourself to English.
Allow yourself the freedom to make an app in all languages while you do not leave the comfort of coding in the language of your choice!

Code Now In New Version
Code Now In Old Version

Hindi Language Coding Anant Computing

Hindi Language Coding Anant Computing

Simplified For Beginners!

Excited to code your app and take it on Playstore? But knows no coding?
We make your aspirations come true. Simply choose the codes for various functions from our repository and paste.
All you need to do next is make your modifications and be done.

Experience Easy Coding